Applied Physics

Office of the atoms using a laser beam

American scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST) for the first time been able to control the atoms using a laser beam. More than a million sodium atoms were placed in a magnetic trap with cooling to a temperature close to absolute zero. The atoms were lit on the opposite side of laser beams.

Every atom of sodium swallowed a photon of light from a laser beam and the radiated photon in the direction of the beam of another laser. This difference of orbital angular momentum of two photons are forced to rotate the atoms of sodium? and they intertwine like a funnel hurricane. Researchers have demonstrated the possibility of full control of the process, forcing the atoms to rotate simultaneously and at the same time stand still. This opportunity to manage the state of atoms is an important step towards the establishment of computer and communication technologies of the future quantum information systems. That was reported by Radio Liberty.

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